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How to keep score

From time to time you might be asked to keep score for a Pee Wee game.  Don't be scared!  It's pretty easy if you can grasp a few concepts.  Positions on the infield are the main thing you will have to remember:

1 Pitchers helper
2 Catcher
3 First baseman
4 Second baseman
5 Third baseman
6 Short stop
7 Left Fielder
8 Center Fielder
9 Right Fielder
10 Extra Fielder 

Now that you know how to reference the players in the scorebook by position number (NOT player jersey number) you just need to record what happens.  If they get a base hit - note 1B and draw a line from home to first in the box.  If the next batter moves them to second base, draw the line to second base.  If a batter grounds a ball to the shortstop and he throws to first for the force out - write 6-3 then the number of outs that there are in the inning in a corner.  Below are a few great articles with more detail on how to keep score.  Good luck!

Scoring links: - How to score a game - The baseball scorecard

Free blank scorecard - - free