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PPAI Sunday Showcase Program

What is Sunday Showcase baseball?

It's a program designed to raise the skill level of youth baseball in Plainfield through a higher competitive environment for those players that are interested.

Sunday Showcase baseball is: 
• A season of games played against teams from other communities throughout central Indiana 
• Played concurrently with PPAI regular season games and practices - and will not conflict with them 
• An excellent player development experience for the player with a high level of baseball interest and more advanced skills
• Typically involves games scheduled on Sunday afternoons and evenings from April through mid-June
• Advanced learning and instruction oriented in a competitive play environment
• Volunteer supported by parents of players selected to the teams
• A program coordinated, supported, and structured through PPAI

This program is designed to include 2 teams for each age group. For the past few years we've seen an increase in the number of kids that are interested in Sunday Showcase as well as a general baseball participation increase. By giving the opportunity for more kids to be involved, we believe this will make our entire baseball program stronger down the road. More kids will get more opportunity to develop and grow good fundamental baseball skills.

What are the age limit rules? 
PPAI (similar to other leagues in the area) has made a ruling on kids being able to ‘evaluate up’. Age determinations for Pee Wee and Tee Ball are how old your child is on May 1st.

Eligible for 7U year old Sunday Showcase teams: 
6 year olds that evaluated into Pee Wee 
7 year olds 

Eligible for 8U year old Sunday Showcase teams: 
8 year olds 

How do I get my son involved?
Please check the calendar and main news page for information about showcase clinics and the showcase tryout date. Each year we try to have 2 showcase clinics to help prepare players before tryouts (completely free/everyone is welcome). Tryouts usually happen a week or so after league evaluations. Again - check the website/calendar for specific dates.

NOTE: Sunday Showcase baseball is NOT a guarantee to play on post-season Plainfield All-star teams. All-star teams are selected based on player performance during recreation league play only.

Sunday Showcase baseball clinics:

This is a free clinic open to anyone wanting to be a part of Sunday Showcase. It is designed to give kids advanced training to prepare for Sunday Showcase tryouts for everyone interested.

Sunday Showcase try-outs:
Tryouts will be held on February 27th from 10:00am - 11:30am for the 8U team and at 11:30am - 1:00pm for the 7 year old team at the Rec Center

*Dates are subject to change, the website will be updated when/if they do.

Parent Commitment level 
If you as a parent are unwilling to commit your Sunday afternoons to the Sunday Showcase program - we completely understand. We just ask that you don’t join this program half-hearted and end up missing games and practices. That takes spots away from other players that could ultimately benefit from the extra development and coaching.

Schedules vary from team to team, but in general 7 year old teams play 4-6 double headers and 8 year old teams play 5-7 double headers. Usually games are played Sunday afternoon, but also on occasion Friday and Saturday night.

Interested in being a coach/assistant coach for Sunday Showcase in 2021? Email us at